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Free Layaway: Many of our customers don't realize the value of this powerful option. Layaway is an extremely valuable option. Specially during those times when you are not moving into your new house or apartment for a month or you were extremely busy and you visited one of our locations on the last day of sale. Also during those times when funds are tight within the family and you can not afford to get the merchandise immediately. Regardless of the issue, Layaway is your answer. Lets say you like a Bedroom set thats on sale for $599.99 and you can not pay full because of the options above or other options, but you really really really want it. Well.. How about you place 10% deposit on the total of the merchandise and we will hold it for you for two months. That's right, only 10% deposit and we will

(1) Stock it for you

(2) Lock in that sale price

(3) Won't charge any additional fees but your initial deposit. (Free Layaway)

(4) Will extend your layaway for free first time, if its more than two months.

(5) Make you a really happy customer.

We value the trust our customers have in us to provide the additional service so layaway works absolutely perfect in many cases.

Fast Delivery: That's right! It is exactly as it sounds. We provide fast delivery! Now we now a lot of companies offer the same service, but here is how we ensure we are fast than others. Not only so, here is how we ensure we are cheaper than others with more value. Since we only deliver within DC MD VA, we strive to provide the fastest delivery service to our local customers. Instead of providing shipping by having our own delivery guys, we outsource the delivery to local community drivers to ensure the cost remains below normal and the delivery is extremely fast. Now for the quality of service: These delivery drivers have been certified to do deliveries for our companies and have been doing so for years. How does this process exactly work? Lets say you purchase your mattress from our website today. We carry 99.99% of mattress in stock at our store locations. Your order gets processed, and our shipping department immediately contacts the local drivers. Whomever is available for fast delivery, we get the most available times from them and contact you with the times. Whichever time frame you select is the time you get the merchandise. Now here is something we will place in CAPSLOCK for importance. WE DO NOT MANDATE A TIME FRAME THAT YOU MUST RECEIVE YOUR MERCHANDISE. When was the last time you heard a good news in capslock? Anyhow, what that means is the fact that there are many crazy companies that tell you a time frame that you must receive your merchandise. If you don't then there is an extra charge for shipping it another time. WE DO NOT DO THAT! If you don't like a time frame, you can just let our representative know and BOOM! we will reschedule it for you. So whats the overall outcome? You get your merchandise extremely fast, at the lowest cost, with extreme well care and satisfaction guaranteed!

Free In-Store pickup: What exactly does this mean? Many of our customers have been puzzled by the question. What do you mean by In-Store pickup and what do you mean its free? Well it all started back in day (happens every day actually), that there are Furniture companies that First do not allow their furniture to be picked up in the store. So if you order something from them, they will only do deliveries within 14 days. What if you wanted to pick up the furniture? Well.. you are out of luck. Sounds crazy? Well its reality. There are furniture and mattresses companies that do that, a few that we are not even allowed to say due to legal reasons, but they do exist. So what do we do differently? We allow you to pick up your furniture from our store and we will help you in every way possible to pick up your furniture. So if you have a pickup truck, bring it over and pick up the mattress immediately. We encourage this because it saves you money. Speaking of Money, back to our "Free" part. There are companies that do allow pickup, but at a percentage of the purchase. So if you purchased a $599.99 bedroom set, they will charge you 10% for pickup and even sometimes during a specific window of the day (4pm to 8pm). Well.. We just don't do that. I repeat in Capslock, WE JUST DON'T DO THAT. You like something you purchased, we encourage you to pick it up. If not same day then on the day you wish.