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JMD Furniture in corporate partnership with Capital Discount Furniture

General Store Policies. Below mentioned company polices are applicable for both JMD Furniture, JMD Discount, and Capital Discount Furniture. Throughout these general corporate policies, JMD Furniture, JMD Discount and Capital Discount Furniture will be referred to as JMD Furniture. Customers who purchase from JMD Furniture and its corporate affiliates are referred to as consumers.

1. Refund Policy/Exchanges

a. JMD Furniture is committed to complete customer satisfaction; therefore, if you receive an item and it is not in proper working condition, you may bring it back to the store of its original purchase for an exchange only. 
b. Furniture Items must be brought back within 7 days. 
c. Mattresses/Box Springs or any Bedding related items must be brought back to the store within 24 hours of accepting the delivery or picking up the products from the store. Mattresses must not be taken out of plastic for any reason. If such items are taken out of plastic, then no exchange/refund will be provided for any reason. 
d. ALL exchanges must be accompanied by original receipt(s). There are no exceptions to this policy. 
e. All exchange requests for orders from our Philadelphia warehouse MUST be made within 7 days of purchase and will be subject to a 35% restocking fee.

2. Cancellations

a. JMD Furniture will not be able to cancel nor exchange an order without a receipt. 
b. No exchanges can be made without original receipt. 
c. All cancellations after an order has been placed will be subjected to a 35% cancellation fee off the total order.
d. A cancellation fee is charged on every order regardless of the reason or time of the cancellation. For example: If you place an order and within seconds you wish to cancel it, the 35% cancellation fee will be applied.

3. Merchandise Pick up

a. If JMD Furniture has to bring merchandise from its warehouse location, or other store locations to the store then consumers are subjected to pay a pickup fee. 
c. The pickup fee will be determined by the store manager along with an estimated time for pick up. 
b. JMD Furniture employees will help load merchandise into consumers' cars. However, JMD Furniture nor its employees will held responsible for damages result in loading merchandise. This is done only at the request of the customer and customer must assume all responsibility should damage to consumer’s vehicle is to occur. Also, if damages to the merchandise are to occur, our items should come loose during transportation of customers' merchandise, JMD Furniture nor its employees will be held responsible.

4.  Delivery Policy
Any orders placed after the store hours will be put on delivery schedule the following day.
a. JMD now offers three different types of deliveries –

aa. Free Delivery - to Door Steps. During sale times, we may occasionally offer Free Delivery. Please note that this delivery means that the delivery carrier or JMD Delivery service will deliver to either the front door, or to the bottom floor of an apartment unit. In a case, the delivery address is an apartment unit, the delivery will be in front of the main door on the first floor at the first entrance to the apartment unit. The drivers must meet the customer at the time of delivery, in order for proper Identification check and signage of the JMD Paperwork. The drivers will not be taking the merchandise inside of the customer’s house unless the option below are selected.

ab. JMD INSIDE ROOM DELIVERY – During this delivery service, the delivery drivers will bring the delivery inside the choosing of your room. The drivers will not be setting up any furniture, just placing the furniture inside a room.

ac. JMD Standard Delivery Service + Setup – JMD Delivery drivers will be placing the merchandise at any room you wish and will be assembling all furniture. This is comparable to a white glove delivery service, but JMD Style. 

b.  Deliveries going outside of 25 miles. If your delivery is more than 25 miles from your store of purchase, there will be an additional $1.90 charge per mile. Areas such as, Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, Fredericksburg, Gainesville are common example of areas that are subjected to the additional charge. Please note that this charge is an additional charge, on top of the flat rate delivery charge that is paid online
c. JMD Furniture nor its employees hold no liabilities towards the damage(s) that happen to consumers' vehicles, to consumers, nor to anyone else who is damaged by merchandise.
d. All delivery time frames are estimated and JMD Furniture will not be held responsible for deliveries outside of the estimated time frame. General time frames for delivery are between the hours of 9 am to 11:59pm. Considering delivery is third party, JMD Furniture is not responsible for any damages that are to occur during delivery or off delivery or any other times. JMD Furniture is also not responsible for any damages that are to occur due to any time changes of delivery. 
e. Once the delivery fee has been paid, it is completely nonrefundable.
f. JMD Furniture reserves the right to refuse to deliver items if any of these three pieces of identification are not presented. 
f. Someone over the age of eighteen (18) must be present to accept the delivery. 
g. To ensure that the delivery truck can complete delivery, please ensure that there is ample parking space available.
h. Please allow 2-3 working days for in stock products such as mattress and other on sale furniture to be delivered to your house. Although JMD Furniture does their best to deliver the products to your house, please allow 3-14 working days for all special-order products or out of stock products to be delivered. Please contact the store to know the exact time frame it takes for the delivery to take place prior to purchase the order. For any customized order from catalogues please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery to arrive to your house. Upon placing your order, we will be contacting you to schedule the delivery. Terms and Conditions vary. Contact store for details.

5. Same Day Delivery Contingency:

We offer same day delivery to our respected patrons. Due to the nature of our low price and stock, we only offer same day delivery to limited items. However, we are planning to expand on this and ensure our customers discounted prices and great quality furniture. For Same Day Delivery, the contingency to this offer is that the merchandize must be in stock and that the customer must reside in one of our deliverable areas. Because there are many factors that come into play including but not limited to traffic, routes, etc, we ask our customers to call our stores for delivery time frame. 

6. Damage upon delivery.

a. If consumers' merchandise is damaged upon delivery, consumers are to make a note of it on the delivery order within 24 hours of taking delivery. A third-party delivery service will bring replacement merchandise to your location and exchange the damaged product within 8-20 business days. 
b. If damage(s) are not noted on delivery order, JMD will not be responsible for any damages reported after delivery.

7. Furniture Assembly

a. Please make sure to choose the JMD Delivery Service and Setup option during checkout to ensure your order get assembled.

8. Merchandise storage policy

a. All purchases made from any of our store locations that are for either pickup/delivery/layaway are subjected to a 35% monthly storage charge or a minimum charge of $50. 
b. Storage charges apply to any order(s) that have not been picked up within seven business days of original purchased date. A 35% storage charge also applies to unsuccessful delivery attempts. 
c. A 35% storage fee is subject to being applied to all merchandise held in layaway for over two months. The 35% calculated from the total amount of original purchase. Layaway order will be cancelled without any refund if the percentage amount owed exceeds the total amount of money put on the layaway.

9. Layaway

a. Merchandise may be placed in layaway with for up to 60 days for 25% of the total merchandise price. No refund or exchange will be issued for layaways on catalog orders or special orders. If consumers desire to cancel consumers' layaway, consumers may be entitled to a 65% cash refund or store credit.
b. 14 business days or less is given for us to receive merchandise from our warehouse. 
c. A valid Layaway receipt is required to redeem layaways. If you lose your layaway receipt a $40 fee may be imposed. This $40 fee must be paid in addition to any outstanding layaway fees in order to receive layaway merchandise. 
d. JMD Furniture does not guarantee that it can produce duplicate receipt. Therefore, it is imperative for consumers to keep receipts.

10. Refurbished Mattresses and Sofas

a. Refurbished mattresses and sofas are sold AS-IS. There is no warranty on refurbished mattresses or sofas. 
b. It is the responsibility of the consumer to ask if the mattress or sofas they are purchasing are refurbished or not. 
c. JMD Furniture shall not be responsible if the refurbished product is found harmful to the consumer. This includes, but not limited to bed bugs or any insect damage.

11. Protection Plan

a.  Protection plans may be provided to consumers by JMD Furniture in terms accordance to binding contracts. 
b.  The consumer is to communicate only with the plan carrier if any damages to merchandise occur. 
c.  We hold no responsibility for any damages that occur to the merchandise. 
d.  We reserve the right to deny any exchange or refund if the product is brought to the store for exchange. 
e.  Consumers must contact their protection plan carrier if any damage to occur.

12. Rent to Own plans/90 day Payment Plans.

a.  Currently JMD Furniture workings with Snap Finance, Progressive, Acima, and Zibby. Any rental plans provided to the consumers by JMD Furniture are binding contracts to the consumer with the plan carrier. 
b.  Consumers have to communicate with their plan carriers if anything happens to merchandise.
c.  We hold no responsibility for broken merchandise. We may also deny any exchange or refund if the product is brought to the store for exchange.

13. Privacy Policy

a.  JMD Furniture takes a myriad of steps to ensure privacy of our databases. 
b. In the event one of our databases is compromised, JMD Furniture shall not be held liable for any consequences associated with information retrieved from our compromised databases.