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Seasons Greetings: Wishing everyone Happy Holidays 2013!

Every year Capital Discount dba JMD Furniture does it's part in helping the community. We understand that families go through harsh times and require additional help from secret Santas. Like every year, we play secret Santas to a family who require additional help. Monetary help is not our focus, but to provide things that are genuinely needed. We help furnish homes of several patrons who have been facing harsh times.
This year, we like to extend our gratitude to the community who helped building us and extend our helping hands to anyone in need by giving away a free Queen size mattress with box spring.

If you or someone you know, has been hit by economy, tell us your/their story.  Every year, we donate mattresses, living room furniture, kitchen room sets, or basic supplies to one less fortunate familiesBe it mattresses, furniture, house goods, or basic every day needs, we'll extend our hands to anyone in need.

When providing us your story below, please remember to answer the following and more. 

a) What makes you a fighter and how are you fighting your harsh conditions?
b) What gives you strength to fight ?
c) How has it made you a better person?
d) What are you doing possibly to make things better for you.

Let us connect with you. Every heart touching story will get any possible help. Every resources are limited and they are strictly for those households that are genuinely in need. We request every genuine patron to understand that our efforts are for strictly those people who are in GREAT NEED. If you know that there are others who are in greater need of furniture than you, please tell us their story. Please also understand that this year, we will give away One Queen size mattress with a free box spring to one family. Multiple entries will not increase your chances of getting the mattress. 

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