Abbreviation for Jai Mata Di; it originates from the Punjabi language, inspired by Jai Mata Di and derived from a Hindi phrase. Jai can mean many things, but in this reference, it means to hail. Mata is a literal term for Mother, and Di is to gain possession. When combined, you can conclude that Jai Mata Di literally translates to 'Hail the greatest mother of all’.

At JMD Furniture, you’ll frequently hear this abbreviation. We welcome all our guest instore, over the phone and via- email, with this saying when we formally greet.

In the American population and worldwide people consider mother nature to be very divine. Most people devote themselves to Mother Earth and considers mother Earth to be the beginning and the end of the world. In India, the culture hails to mother nature. They use the practice to bow down to mother Earth and say Jai Mata di.

Jai Mata Di modernly translates to hail the greatest mother, which is the greatest blessing itself. The chant is enunciated for mother deities like Saraswati, Laxmi, Samaleshwari, Kali, Tarini, Pataneshwari, Sureshwari, Durga, Tara. or any other Goddess.The three words are believed to bring-out positive vibes.

If you chose to journey through India, or to communicate with an Indian, one may greet another by simply saying "Jai Mata Di”. So, when we say "JMD", we are requesting the most generous one to bless us all.


JMD Furniture emerged from a small company, with few employees, and eventually became one of the most elegant furniture companies in Northeast America. When we started, our goal was to provide the best furniture at the lowest possible price. Now, our mission is to provide the lowest possible prices, and deliver the best customer service possible. Over the last 15 years we have learned so much from our consumers, and we continuously listen to improve our products and services. Our success mounted because of the level of care we provide to our customer. Here at JMD, we firmly believe, "Without you, we don't have a business".

JMD have been credited as a one of the top ten trusted and valued furniture dealers by the prime buyers’ report. We have accomplished this by finding unique ways to bring furniture directly from the wholesaler (us) to the consumer (you).

We are confident that you will appreciate our prices and our hand-picked selections of products, and if you visit our store and we don’t happen to have an item in that you like, please feel free to shop our catalogs.

For 15 years, we have had the pleasure to serve our customers throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

We would like to personally thank you in advance for your support and look forward to your visiting one of our seven stores soon!


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